Vertiv Pillars of Ethics & Compliance

At Vertiv, we are committed to doing business in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and we do that through living our core values.

Core Values

  • Acting like an owner

  • Assuming positive intent in all employee interactions

  • Being passionate about your work

  • Challenging yourself in personal development

  • Being tireless in exceeding customer expectations

  • Assisting others to be successful as a team

  • Owning our own mistakes quickly

  • Talking with people and not about them

  • Creating a culture where people can be their best

Report an Ethics Violation


The Vertiv Code of Ethics guides all Vertiv employees, officers, and directors around the world on how we do business. Our Code outlines the actions and behaviors expected from every person so that all who interact with Vertiv can consistently rely on our honesty and integrity. Every employee, officer, and director has the personal responsibility to read, understand, and comply with our Code. All subsidiaries, affiliates, and other entities in which Vertiv has an ownership interest are required to comply, and our Code applies equally to third parties engaged to assist or render services for or on behalf of Vertiv.

Rob Johnson
Vertiv CEO
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At Vertiv, we seek to always do business, wherever we are in the world, in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

We will always do business in a manner that respects our fellow employees, our customers and the communities in which we operate. Core to that principal is our corporate Code of Ethics. The Vertiv Code of Ethics governs our relationships with all our stakeholders, both internally and externally. It is designed to guide all Vertiv employees, officers, and directors around the world on how we do business, and this Code outlines the actions and behaviors expected from every person at Vertiv, so that all who interact with us can consistently rely on our honesty and integrity.

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Vertiv has established internal policies and controls that enforce compliance by all employees, officers, and directors with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, U.K. Bribery Act, the Brazil Clean Company Act 2014 (Law No. 12,846), and related anti-corruption laws of the countries in which we do business. Vertiv employees, officers, and directors are prohibited from directly or indirectly offering, giving, soliciting, or receiving any form of bribe, kickback, or other corrupt payment, or anything of value, to or from any person or organization, including government agencies, individual government officials, and private companies or their employees under any circumstances. This prohibition applies worldwide, with no exception to perceived customs, local practices, or competitive conditions. Further, this prohibition applies equally to any person or company acting on Vertiv’s behalf, such as sales agents, distributors, representatives, service providers, contractors, suppliers, and joint venture partners.

Fair Competition

Vertiv will succeed by its employees, officers, and directors competing fairly and living by the Vertiv core values. Representatives of Vertiv may not:

  • discuss directly with a competitor of Vertiv any pricing or product information, such as manufacturing cost, production capacity, product roadmaps, bidding practices, or any nonpublic business information of Vertiv;
  • use any improper means to obtain a competitor’s confidential information or trade secrets;
  • knowingly use a competitor’s confidential information or trade secrets without express written permission from such competitor;
  • use negative selling techniques, such as disparaging competitors by using false statements; or
  • use tactics to eliminate competition in markets where Vertiv is a leader, such as selling below cost.
Scott Hovey
Chief Compliance Officer
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Vertiv is committed to conducting business fairly, responsibly, and in compliance with law in each country in which we operate.

We demand honest and ethical business practices from our employees, officers, and directors, as well as our distributors, agents, and business partners throughout the world.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

Vertiv expects its suppliers to project its values and principles, to stay current with technology, to act with integrity, and to treat people and the environment with respect. These actions reflect Vertiv’s priorities. In this way, we partner with only the highest caliber suppliers that demonstrate social responsibility and a commitment to fairness and honesty.

Vertiv has established a Supplier Code of Conduct and we expect each supplier to adhere to its principles. Vertiv may discontinue its relationship with a supplier that fails to comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF - English)

Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF - Mandarin)

Efforts to Prevent Slavery and Human Trafficking

Vertiv is committed to complying with all applicable laws and employment regulations where we operate and does not engage in forced labor or human trafficking.  Vertiv’s policies oppose—and we prohibit our suppliers from using—any form of forced, bonded, or indentured labor. 

Statement on Efforts to Prevent Slavery and Human Trafficking (PDF - English)

Conflict Minerals

Vertiv supports efforts to end the human suffering and environmental impact that have been associated with mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries. Tracing the origins of minerals throughout a global supply chain is a complex process, and this can only be accomplished with the cooperation and support of a vast number of industries and stakeholders.

Vertiv continues to work with its suppliers and other stakeholders to develop and implement policies and systems to reduce the risk that minerals in our supply chain come from mines that finance or benefit armed groups in the DRC region, and Vertiv expects our supply base to acquire minerals from responsible sources.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Vertiv respects the dignity and human rights of individuals and requires that our suppliers and business partners do the same.  Vertiv fully supports and seeks to adhere to the principles of both the United Nations Global Compact and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  • We do not accept forced, indentured, or prison labor.
  • We comply with local minimum age laws and requirements and do not employ child labor.
  • We protect our employees from harassment and an offensive or hostile work environment.
  • We will promptly investigate any reports of discrimination, harassment, or workplace violence and promptly take corrective action.
  • We encourage employees who observe or experience discrimination, harassment, or workplace violence to report such behavior to management or the Vertiv global ethics hotline.
  • We do not permit retaliation against employees that report incidents of discrimination, harassment, or workplace violence in good faith.


To the greatest extent practicable, Vertiv will avoid negative impacts to the communities in which it operates, including to the soil, air, and water.

A Commitment to Diversity

At Vertiv, we are a company engineered to deliver solutions for critical technologies.  And those solutions often come from having a variety of viewpoints and perspectives at the table.  So it should come as no surprise that there's a spirit of inclusion found in everything we do.  Having a wider range of experiences to draw from doesn't just make us a diverse company.  It makes us a better company.

Vertiv works hard to create a global workplace that supports and promotes diversity, embraces inclusion and cultivates respect for the individual.  We believe that bringing together bright, enthusiastic, and talented people from various backgrounds promotes the birth of new ideas and an exciting energy level.

As a result, we have an active program to recruit and hire women and minorities to our management ranks.  We seek to create an employer of choice environment in terms of promotions, transfers, compensation, benefits, career mentoring, company-sponsored training, tuition assistance and social and recreational programs for our employees.

Vertiv's Equal Employment Opportunity policy ensures that there will be no discrimination or harassment against an employee or applicant on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, national origin, veteran status or any other factor considered unlawful by applicable laws and regulations.

Health and Safety

Vertiv promotes safe and healthy work conditions for its employees worldwide, and encourages this effort through its supply chain. 

James Blair
EHS Director, Vertiv EMEA
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Having a robust Corporate Social Responsibility programme has become a necessity in all regions of the world.

Protecting stakeholders, whether, employees, suppliers or customers, and the environment in which we operate, is now a must.

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