When you need to take control of multiple IT devices across a room or across geographies, you can rely on market-leading Avocent or Cybex™ keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) switches and serial consoles to provide easy, single-point access to valuable system data.

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_MG_2917_8788_0.jpgDesktop KVM Switches

Problems Desktop KVM Switches Solve:

By streamlining access to essential business systems or networks with a single KVM set, you will improve the productivity of your time-strapped IT personnel, simplify usability, and reduce business costs.

Desktop KVM Switches Allow You to:

  • Support a wide range of peripherals, up to 4 different systems or networks, through a single KVM set
  • Give users access to PCs, printers, mail servers, and other corporate systems with a push of a button
  • Streamline connectivity to multimedia environments in support of worker mobility and business agility
  • Share the same KVM session based on users' access rights

IP KVM Switches

Problems IP KVM Switches Solve:

Ideal for data centers and omni-platform broadcast environments, IP KVM switches give you single-console control of multiple computers or servers from virtually any location having an internet connection, eliminating the need for physical access to devices.

IP KVM Switches Allow You to:

  • Enable local and remote management of servers and powerful user access control with KVM over IP switches
  • Deliver a high-fidelity, pixel-perfect experience to users with high performance KVM switches
  • Move computing assets away from the workspace to secure, climate-controlled environments with KVM extenders
  • Manage server resources or control room assets through a secure, segregated IP network

Serial Consoles

Problems Serial Consoles Solve:

When management of IT equipment is needed and IP connectivity isn’t an option, a serial console provides remote access for port configuration, upgrades, troubleshooting and disaster recovery.

Serial Consoles Allow You to:

  • Securely manage in-band and out-of-band network via serial port access
  • Simplify installation and provisioning through one-time creation and push of configuration files and firmware
  • Automate event tracking and notification of fault conditions
  • Integrate multiple Avocent ACS serial consoles for increased customization and centralized user management

Secure KVM Switches

Problems Secure KVM Switches Solve:

If you need to guard against cyber intrusion or are managing both classified and non-classified projects at the same time, secure KVM switches provide the protected access you need to peripheral sharing devices.

Secure KVM Switches Allow You to:

  • Securely interact with multiple computers or displays with zero delay switching
  • Remove threats from untrusted, shared devices that risk data leakage, transfer, or crosstalk
  • Meet stringent U.S. government specifications with certified equipment
  • Support USB authentication devices such as common access cards, facial recognition scanners, and fingerprint readers

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