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Electrical systems are among the most valuable assets in your facility and can have the biggest impact on your bottom line. Their acquisition and management costs are high, and failures often lead to catastrophic losses. Vertiv can help you navigate these complexities through services that will help you start up faster and operate more reliably, safely, and efficiently throughout the lifecycle of your facility.

Protect your business with engineering, maintenance and upgrade solutions

A reliable protection and controls system is paramount to avoiding power disruptions, preventing costly damage to critical assets and ensuring the safety of personnel. Vertiv provides the expertise to leverage the most advanced protection and control systems while keeping pace with changing technology and regulatory requirements for critical power generation and delivery infrastructure.

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Maintain the highest availability even in the harshest industrial environments

The industrial UPS is designed to operate in a rugged, often harsh environment where temperatures are extreme, airborne contaminants are present, and power quality is often very poor. Utilities, manufacturers, and large commercial facilities rely on their DC powered standby, emergency, and uninterrupted power systems. If the DC power system fails there can be serious consequences including production disruption, chemical instability, critical services interruption, damage to processing equipment, or in some cases, the complete shutdown of a facility. With so much at stake, proper maintenance and testing of the entire DC system including UPS, batteries, chargers, and inverters is required to ensure optimum performance throughout the life of the system.

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Comprehensive services for your critical electrical assets

Maintaining your electrical assets isn’t a choice. But choosing who you trust with that critical responsibility is. Vertiv combines deep infrastructure expertise with decades of performance data from more than 100,000 completed projects.  You get greater insight into your electrical assets’ health along with all the services you need to ensure reliable operation of your power system today and well into the future. 

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Power system expertise for safe, efficient, and reliable operation

Planning a new project, evaluating an existing system or troubleshooting a problem in your electrical infrastructure requires accurate data and expert analysis. Vertiv engineers provide the data and expertise to support system analysis and planning, diagnose problems quickly and design innovative solutions to optimize electrical system performance, safety, capacity and reliability.

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Start up faster and operate more reliably throughout life of facility

Designing a facility, process or system involves a significant investment of time and money. Understandably, there should be a return on that investment with specific requirements met regarding schedule, costs and performance. The use of comprehensive commissioning services can help guarantee those desired outcomes.

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Disasters happen, are you prepared?

The frequency and severity of natural disasters is increasing. When a disaster does happen, resources become scarce. Partner with Vertiv to ensure the fastest, most cost-effective business resumption. From damage assessment and inspection to equipment repair, refurbishment and replacement, Vertiv can help get you up and running quickly, ensuring a safe, reliable return to operation.

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Harness the power of renewable energy with solutions that deliver resiliency and reliability

Renewable energy must reliably deliver safe, compliant and cost-effective power to meet user requirements. Vertiv’s Renewable Energy solutions help developers, installers, and end users deliver energy resiliency and compliance through a full suite of renewable energy services.

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About Electrical Reliability Services

Electrical Services are provided by Electrical Reliability Services, a Vertiv company that provides independent electrical testing, maintenance and engineering services to help companies manage risk, reduce costs and improve decision making in utility, commercial and industrial facilities.

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Unmatched experience and expertise

No one knows your electrical infrastructure like we do. With nearly 50 years of experience in electrical testing, maintenance and engineering services, amplified by decades of performance data, we bring a deep understanding of application issues and systems to every project. 

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Consistent, quality service delivery

We are a flexible and scalable partner that has invested in the technology, people and processes to ensure the highest quality of service on every project. Our excellent customer satisfaction scores result from strict adherence to well-defined processes that leverage best practices and are executed by professional and reliable specialists.

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Superior safety and compliance focus

When it comes to safety and compliance, no other organization offers the assurance that Electrical Reliability Services delivers. Our commitment is demonstrated by our disciplined approach to workplace safety, our superior safety ratings, our up-to-date knowledge of standards and regulations and our staff of certified trainers.

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