Capgemini Relies on One-Stop Data Center Infrastructure Management with Avocent Solutions from Vertiv


As an IT service provider, Capgemini provides a full outsourcing portfolio, from application and infrastructure to business process management. After a restructuring of its Central European data center operations, Capgemini moved its IT infrastructure to Frankfurt and the managers to Düsseldorf. In order to also be able to remotely control the hardware and software securely, the company installed remote management solutions from Avocent. Currently, 140 administrators in Germany, Eastern Europe and Asia utilize the solutions.


  • Capgemini utilizes DSView 3 management software for remote server and component management, 40 KVM switches, 36 console port servers and several hundred power distribution strips with a total of about 4,000 ports.

  • The combination of Data Center Planner, DSView 3 software and the remote management components from Vertiv provides Capgemini Outsourcing Services with both optimization and administration of the entire infrastructure including all integrated IT and network devices.

  • The DSView 3 management software together with the Power Manager plug-in shows administrators a consolidated view of all systems and they can provide easy access via out-of-band paths when there are problems in the LAN, diagnose causes and restart the device if needed.


Case Summary
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Vertiv Solutions::
  • Avocent Data Center Planner Software
  • Avocent DSView 3 Management Software for Data Center and Power Management
Critical Needs: In addition to the pure management and documentation of the data centers, the new software also needed to provide a visual overview and modeling for planning.
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