Global Internet Service Provider Controls Remote Data Centers with Avocent Solutions form Vertiv


Many of this organization’s data centers are not manned by IT professionals 24/7, however they are all required to operate around the clock. These data centers have many different IT infrastructure components to manage such as servers, storage systems, switches and even tape libraries. The organization decided to implement a remote management system that would allow it to connect, diagnose and fix any data center from anywhere, with guaranteed connectivity, whether out-of-band or in-band.


  • This global Internet Service Provider standardized on Avocent® ACS Advanced Console Server technology to increase IT availability which is crucial to business continuity and reputation.
  • The Avocent ACS provides the ability to connect rack PDUs, which allows the user to switch ports while managing the power via the power bars, switching servers or other devices remotely.
  • Avocent ACS enables the customer to greatly accelerate the management of its connected IT devices by automation of device configurations or using scripts for fault analysis.

Case Summary
Vertiv Solutions:
  • Avocent ACS Advanced Console Server Platform
Critical Needs: Utilize technology to increase IT availability, which is crucial to business continuity and reputation.
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